Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your postcards?2021-10-11T16:23:13-07:00

Our postcards follow specifications laid out by the USPS. We offer two product sizes:

Our “Fixed Message” card measure 8.5″ wide by 5″ tall.

Our “Variable Message” card measures 4″ tall by 9″ wide.

Do you have minimum orders for your postcards2018-12-07T16:50:07-08:00

Yes, we use a 10,000 piece minimum order.

What is included in the cost of my postcard?2018-12-07T16:50:02-08:00

Your one low rate will include:

Individualized mapping and demographics analysis

Complete graphic design by our in-house graphics team

Full color printing of your postcard

Transportation to your local post offices

All postage associated with mailing your card

Does DemoGraphix Media help design my postcard?2018-12-07T16:49:56-08:00

Yes, we have a complete design department dedicated to providing you with eye-catching graphics and a proven design geared towards generating the best response to your message.

How do you determine where to mail my postcard?2018-12-07T16:49:51-08:00

After consulting with one of our sales executives, we will plot your physical location on a map and then evaluate the surrounding zips codes and postal routes for the best matches for your business. We will use numerous demographic variables including age, income, home ownership, education, ethnicity and so on, to find the best fit for your products or services. Once we have done the analysis, we will provide you with a detailed recommendation on where and how frequently to mail.

What is your coverage area?2018-12-07T16:46:50-08:00

Demographix Media has access to mailing in virtually all national and regional population centers, totaling over 100 Million households in all.

How quickly can you get a postcard in the mail for me?2018-12-07T16:48:13-08:00

Lead times generally range from 6-7 weeks. This allows for us to do a thorough demographic evaluation and plan your mailing on the best dates. It also allows for sufficient time to finalize your graphic design and have adequate time to print and transport your postcard to anywhere in the nation.

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