63% of Consumers are more likely to purchase when a Direct Mail ad is relevant to them.

Using Data to Drive Your Message Home

Direct Mail Postcards or “Smart Cards” from DemoGraphix Media offer you the visibility and reach unique to direct mail. No other form of advertising puts your message directly in the hands of prospective customers like a Direct Mail Postcard.

Take a data-driven approach to targeting your prospective customer by requesting your free Demographic Targeting Analysis.

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Postcards Deliver the Lowest Cost Per Acquisition of Any Direct Mail Product

Check out how we’ve helped various industries gain new business from postcard and digital marketing.

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Creating Awareness in Specific Geography

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Wants to inform Segmented Clientele of Specialty Services

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Health & Dental

Wants to Target a Specific Demographic

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Wants to Grow Membership Year-Round

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Home Services

Wants to Expand Frequency by Integrating Digital with Direct Mail

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Wants to Communicate to Existing Database

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We’re Driven by Results

It doesn’t matter how elaborate, high-tech, or expensive your ad campaign is. If it doesn’t generate results, who cares? That’s why we focus on reliable mailing campaigns that deliver results for our clients. Direct Mail Postcards are a proven product.

Benefits of Choosing DemoGraphix Media

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Demographic Targeting
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High Visability
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Drives Traffic to Your Door
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Multichannel Campaigns
Magnet People

Personalization – 70% of recipients are more likely to read or use Direct Mail ads addressed to them or customized for the household. Specific targeting helps you zero in on the consumers with the highest intent to purchase your services.

“When you understand your customers, it becomes that much easier to tailor a postcard campaign around there specific needs.”

Power of Reach – We mail everywhere across the nation, but instead of saturating entire Zip Codes, we are able to break up delivery down to the Carrier Route level which means you are more accurately targeting highly-potential neighborhoods and not wasting resources on large amounts of non-interested recipients.

Performance – with repetitive targeting recipients recognize and build a trust for your brand.
Longevity – the avg recipient of direct mail holds on to the piece of direct mail for an average of 17 days.

Multichannel Campaigns – Engage the same consumer with the same message wherever they are and with whatever device they are currently on by combining a digital ad campaign in conjunction with your postcard campaign.

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