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2506, 2021

Engage With Video-OTT/CTV And Programmatic Advertising

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Engage with Video Your Customers Are Since its inception, video advertising has been the domain of traditional television. For decades we watched commercials during our favorite TV shows and while eating snacks during the Super Bowl. Advertisers loved the reach and inundated captive audiences with repetitive messaging ten times an hour. Then the internet happened and like [...]

2303, 2021

Your Most Profitable Customer Is Just Around the Corner

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Your Most Profitable Customer Is Just Around the Corner When is the best time to have someone see your advertisement? When they are ready to buy, of course. The trick is to know when that is. Trigger-Based Marketing Trigger-Based Marketing is a term we use for reaching new customers when a significant life event [...]

402, 2021

We Added Digital… You Should Too

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We Added Digital... You Should Too Almost eight years ago, Demographix Media began delivering targeted postcard advertising directly to consumer households. Today, we are excited to launch a digital advertising program that shares what we believe to be the most valuable assets of direct mail: The ability to target at the household level and deliver verifiable results. [...]

1211, 2020

Adding QR to Your Print Boosts Your Digital

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Adding QR to Your Print Boosts Your Digital QR Codes are having a moment. And it's about time. "Quick Response" codes have been around for years.  But early technology was clunky, required you to download a special app, and frankly, people really didn't understand how to use them, so their potential went unfulfilled. Enter COVID 19, and we now [...]

2910, 2020

One Plus One Equals Three?

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One Plus One Equals Three? I know that title sounds like something from the new math, but it's really a formula for marketing success. It's not uncommon to have two different things that, when married together, add up to something better than each would on their own. Take, for example, peanut butter and jelly. Both very good on [...]

510, 2020

The Two Sides of Multi-Channel Marketing

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Consumers consistently tell us they want more. More information, more selection, more special offers, and more ways to access your goods and services. Enter Multi-Channel Selling and Marketing... Multi-channel is a buzzword we hear a lot lately. Until recently, it was mostly used in a marketing context to describe a multi-touch approach to reach customers. But more and more, [...]

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