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2 Postcards to Choose From

Fixed Smart Card

Our most popular and affordable postcard is our “Fixed” option. The “fixed” designation simply means that each recipient is receiving the same postcard with no unique customization. This card includes high impact 4 color graphics printed on both sides using a quality 9pt coated cardstock. Our low pricing always includes custom mapping of your target market, customer demographic information, free ad design, printing, and postage.  See, we told you it would be easy.

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Variable Smart Card

We use the latest digital printing technology to produce our “Variable” Smart Card. This allows us to customize individual cards with appropriate imagery and messaging based on the recipient’s demographic information. This allows you to send a card to seniors that will feature pictures they will relate to while sending different images to young families. By using look-alike imaging and suitable messaging you increase response rates exponentially and make your advertising more relevant to your prospective customers.

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