Why is Postcard Marketing Important?

Implementing Direct Mail Postcards is an absolute key step for a successful marketing plan.  They are a fast and effective tool to increase sales and a very quick and easy way to increase revenue.  Nearly 80% of consumers have indicated that they open almost everything that received in the mail, including “junk mail”. Done right, it is impactful and one of the best ways to build brand loyalty and inspire repeat business.

  • 73% of consumer prefer receiving offers in the mail than in an email and find email marketing more intrusive.  Only 18% prefer receiving offers through email.
  • Colorful, glossy postcards are highly visible from the other mail in a mailbox. They also:
  • Boost your marketing campaign responses–recipients are more motivated to research out additional information about you through a phone call, your website or a visit to your business
  • Our postcards are designed professionally and are eye-catching for a larger response rate
  • It maximizes your advertising budget with targeted zip and carrier routes so we can best match your target audience
  • Engages your target audience
  • Is kept longer than other advertisements
  • Saves you time and money by including design, print and mail all in one extremely low price.  No waiting for printed postcards to be mailed to you; having to purchase mailing lists, printed labels or coordinating mailing with post office and paying a much higher price than we have negotiated with the US Post Office.
  • Postcards are able to be created in several different languages
  • Through our partnership with other direct mail marketing companies, we have the most accurate and up-to-date mail lists available that result in a higher response rate.