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Marketing Made Easy.

Customers Tell Us They Want Three Things from their Advertising…

Make it Work.

Direct Mail Postcards or “Smart Cards” from DemoGraphix Media offer you the visibility and reach unique to direct mail. No other form of advertising puts your message directly in the hands of prospective customers like a Direct Mail Postcard.

Make it Affordable.

What sets us apart is our ability to deliver a targeted message to your best potential prospects at a rate significantly lower than other traditional mailing campaigns. (How does 30-40% less sound?)

Along with our low price, you’ll get a premium product with eye-catching design and demographic-based research plus the experience to help you mail to your best responding prospects.

Make it Easy.

We handle everything from start to finish…  Ad design, demographic research and mapping, printing, postage and mailing are all included in our one low price.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

Postcards Work.

We’re Driven by Results.

It doesn’t matter how elaborate, high tech, or expensive your ad campaign is. If it doesn’t generate results, who cares?   That’s why we focus on reliable mailing campaigns that deliver results for our clients. Direct Mail Postcards are a proven product. ( have you looked in your mailbox lately? ) You see them every day for one reason….THEY WORK! 

WHY? …By using the U.S. mail you are putting a tangible message directly into the hands of your prospect and because they are Direct Mail Postcards,  they don’t have to open an envelope to see it. Our eye-catching design is the first thing they see as they sort their daily mail. This assures that all interested prospects are now aware that you want their business.

Lastly, we incorporate a call-to-action (incentive) to get them to change their behavior and consider your company when looking for what you have to offer.

It’s a tried and true formula that continues to generate consistent business month in and month out.


We Do Our Homework.

A great looking Direct Mail Postcard is a huge step towards a successful marketing campaign. The other part that’s just as important is identifying WHO should be getting your postcards.

At Demographix Media, we do the research to identify your best potential customers. After a conversation about your business, we’ll do a thorough demographic analysis of the zip codes in your general market. Then taking into account multiple factors like proximity, income, age, ethnicity, and many others, your account executive will combine the technical data along with their experience to generate a personalized mailing plan with the highest likelihood for success.

Now you have the whole package. Great ad design, using a proven media, backed by detailed research and experience.  Which all leads to our one goal for you.

Make it work… make it affordable… and make it easy.

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